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The Lunar Eclipse In Scorpio Forecast May 5th, 2023


On May 5th, there will be a Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio that will allow us to see what needs to be cleared out from our lives.
Scorpio EclipsePhoto byImage by author

We have the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 14 degrees of Scorpio occurring at 10:33 am PST; 1:33 PM EST. Check your local time to see when this lunation occurs in your area.

Welcome to the last Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio.

That’s right; this is the final eclipse in this sign until October 31st, 2032. With this being a Full Moon, it will be about the massive shifts to situations in our lives that block our transformation.

And this event is a penumbral eclipse which occurs when the Moon is at the fainter part of the Earth’s shadow. Therefore, this lunar eclipse will appear lighter, causing it to have more of a pinkish than red hue.

This lunar event will be visible in Antarctica, New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Africa, Europe, and Asia. Because this eclipse is happing in the day hours, we won’t see this one in the Americas, but we’ll get our opportunity to observe a Solar Eclipse on October 14th, so stay tuned.

May’s full lunation is also referred to as a Flower Moon, so its name derives from its connection to the floral bloom of spring. The origins of this name comes from the observation made by indigenous and historic tribes that flowers were in full blossom during this periodic cycle.

A Flower Moon may symbolize a period of growth on a spiritual level. So, this might be the time when you start to see the results of your labor, allowing for a more positive outlook on where we are going and how things are shaping up.

There are three chart rulers for this eclipse: Venus, Mars, and Pluto. Scorpio is governed by Mars, its ancient, assigned planet before the discovery of Pluto, so this zodiac placement has two ruling planets. Venus is the co-ruler for this lunation as well because it governs Taurus, and since the Sun is in this sign and is an integral part of the Full Moon, we will take a look at its functioning.

The Chart Rulers, Mars and Pluto, are making complex connections to one another, which might ramp up our levels of agitation. During this eclipse, we could experience moments of feeling triggered but in an irritated manner leading to reacting angrily. For this reason, it will be crucial to take a moment to ground our energy and communicate when we’re feeling less irritable.

Mars will also be connected in problematic transits to Jupiter and Saturn, which could lead to dealing with the consequences of impulsiveness. In other words, we will need to work on our need to get our way immediately; otherwise, it could lead to backlash from others.

Pluto, Scorpio’s modern ruler, went retrograde 5 days ago, causing us to feel the urge to return to something we’ve tried to ignore. With energy like this, it will be a time to work on things we repressed, situations that were swept under the rug, and get light shed on something we were in the dark about in our circumstances.

Both rulers are aligned with one another in a tense transit which might create moments when we feel more irritated than usual. As a result, we need to be mindful of our tempers, pick and choose our battles, and try not to take things so personally.

Mars is connected to the Moon, Uranus, and Neptune harmoniously. These celestial bodies will make a trine with one another. So, this could help us take action on stale situations and find alternative solutions to complex problems.

The Moon will connect with Mercury, Venus, and Uranus complexly. With this, there could be sudden issues with miscommunication, frustration in problematic relationships, and the need to detach from our emotions.

Venus is making complex aspects to Neptune and Pluto, which will cause us to work on where we’ve been out of control about love life and financial scenarios. Because of this, we could look at situations where we’ve been self-sabotaging and need to transform unconstructive behavior.

Luckily, Venus will be in harmony with Jupiter and Saturn, which could help us get a moment of fun and structure. We will feel this one later in the evening and throughout the weekend, which will be a nice treat after a heavy eclipse such as this.

Fixed Sign positions Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius between 14 and 24 degrees will be more affected than others by this Lunar Eclipse.

Scorpio Lunar Eclipse Vibes
Transits GraphPhoto bySirius Software

The vibes on the graph are decent for having something of an edge to this eclipse.

There’s a smidge of romance and emotional sensitivity, with low-grade amounts of ambition along with solitude. Some of the edgy parts of this could help us take a moment to ourselves to ground our energy and focus on what's important.

However, there is a considerable amount of social and good luck energy from the 5th to the 6th, plus a steady stream of mental vibes until the 7th.

Even with some of the configurations affecting this eclipse, there is an alignment from Venus and Jupiter that will bring in some nice relief over the weekend. So, luckily we’ll get a fun breather after this eclipse is done.

Lunar Eclipse In Scorpio

Lunar eclipses signal a cycle of culmination which is why they occur during Full Moons.

For this reason, it could indicate a time to review, move forward with plans, or let go of what's no longer serving you. So, these kinds of lunar events are turning points for us to shift significantly from old energy.

Under the influences of eclipse energy, New and Full Moons feel more complex because they change the atmosphere by redistributing the light of the luminaries.

A Lunar eclipse is when the Earth is halfway between the Moon and the Sun. Once the Moon enters the Umbra, also known as "Earth's Shadow," it stops receiving light from the Sun's reflection and appears reddish.

In Astrology, eclipses are comparable to upgrades to software or operating systems; as you install new programs or receive a notification about an update, your computer restarts, modifying the script currently running. As a result, consider this a moment when the refresh button is pressed to remove any kinks, bugs, and glitches from our lives in favor of better running codes.

These extraordinary Moon events are more likely to impact us if one of our planets or astrological angles is aligned with our chart placements. So, look for the degree of any eclipse that will traverse your personal horoscope.

Even if you are not personally impacted, you might be an observer and notice others close to you might still experience the effects. Or you could see them play out societally because these events do affect us on a collective level.

And one thing I always mention during these high-octane lunations is to please don’t perform any metaphysical work during an eclipse.

Due to the nature of these lunar occurrences, they are highly charged and unpredictable, so if you’re into energy work, putting your crystals in the Moonlight, manifesting, all forms of mysticism, or journaling could cause adverse effects.

Luckily, this is the last round of eclipse season until October 14th, so once the Moon is out of Scorpio, have at it!!

By May 7th, the coast will be clear, and you can return to all your fun spiritual activities.

Eclipses that occur in Scorpio
Scorpio Lunar Eclipse ChartPhoto bySirius Software

Scorpio is all about connecting with the parts of yourself that need to change but are hesitant to look at because it’s unappealing and sometimes scary.

The energy of this zodiac sign is characterized by the themes of purification, transformation, and letting go. This Scorpio trait can be helpful when we need to change our lives. Because of the preceptive nature of this zodiac sign, we can better recognize the barriers in our path so we can eliminate them and move forward.

Under this influence, we can identify the parts of life that we’ve repressed that need to be healed, thanks to the power of Scorpio. With this sign, we’re able to evaluate and comprehend our own psychology critically. For this reason, it inspires us to consider our actions and make changes to better our lives.

We go within to cleanse our souls of impurities and then go through the transformation necessary to connect with our phoenix energy with Scorpio’s vibes.

With an eclipse in this sign, we will look at what’s beneficial, make necessary revisions, and see what’s no longer viable. Given the feminine nature of lunar eclipses, this lunation might cause a change in that kind of energy.

Here’s a list of potential outcomes for this eclipse:

  • It's all about shifting from an old form that prevents you from ascending to something better in your life.
  • Under this eclipse, you could feel the urge to regenerate yourself after dealing with a turbulent situation.
  • It could be a time to uncover what was being kept from you or something complex that’s eluded you.
  • With this eclipse, there may be a strong desire to break old routines, patterns, and specific behaviors.
  • In a situation where you’ve lost yourself, this might be the moment when you regain control.
  • There could be an urge to examine if there’s substance in your unions with others.
  • Realizing it's time to address trust issues with yourself and your close relationships.
  • Energetically, spiritual boundaries might be needed to keep your vibes safe.
  • There might be a desire to conduct extensive research to comprehend the complexities.
  • Vibes like this could allow you to work on your own psychology by learning better-coping mechanisms or considering therapy for unresolved feelings.
  • This is a time to dig deep and get in touch with your vulnerable side.
  • A sudden epiphany could occur under this influence that sharpens your perception and allows you to see things beyond the surface.
  • It’s a time when there will be a solid desire to connect with your personal power.
  • This might be when you get out of sticky situations and make a strong comeback.
  • A vibe like this allows you to detox the toxic elements that hinder you from stepping into your phoenix energy.

Despite the intense energy of Scorpio, it gives us the nudge needed to examine hard truths and make necessary shifts to what’s no longer viable. Use this eclipse to filter out unhealthy energy to attract better scenarios and positive vibes to your life.

Take care, and have a constructive eclipse.

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