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This Week’s Horoscope Forecast For May 1st to 6th, 2023


In this week’s Astrology, Pluto will enter its retrograde phase, allowing us to reexamine what needs to shift in our lives. And there will be a Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio that will show us the importance of self-empowerment.
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We have a dynamic and transformational week full of planetary transits.

In this week’s Astrology, Pluto will go retrograde, causing us to review the areas of our life that need modifications. There will be a Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio on Friday that will give us the opportunity to detox unhealthy behaviors. And the Sun and Venus will make the most alignments over the next 7 days allowing us to resolve issues surrounding a sense of unsureness in love and self-expression.

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5/1 Pluto Retrograde 2023: Understanding What Needs Transformation In Your Life

Monday has a massively transformative tone, with Pluto being the first outer planet to enter retrograde.

Cleaning out what's outworn its usefulness is a massive theme of this regressive cycle. We undergo a process of purging out circumstances that no longer serves us during these regressive periods, and then we emerge from it feeling rejuvenated.

Under this influence, we also deal with complex issues swept under the rug and resolve things we ignore. In other words, the concerns we’ve avoided—such as repressed emotions, control issues, compulsions, and letting go of harmful patterns come up to be resolved.

With the help of this inverse cycle, we examine our lives to see what needs to be shifted and how to develop better-coping mechanisms.

Pluto stays in retrograde for a long time, so its effects may feel more internalized, but it does result in outward change as well as on a collective level. Even if an individual isn’t personally experiencing these energies, there’s a noticeable shift in the world's vibration.

The cardinal modality, Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn, between 27 to 29 degrees of these signs, will feel this retrograde the most.

Also, the zodiac signs at the beginning of the fixed modality will also be affected by this inverse phase. So, those with Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius placements between 0 to 2 degrees of these signs will experience this transit more profoundly.

Pluto is a distant planet, so its retrograde periods are lengthy; it turns direct on October 11 and exits post-shadow RX on January 29, 2023.

5/1 Sun Conjunct Mercury: Expressing Yourself With Confidence

The Sun and Mercury will align in a harmonious transit called a Cazimi that could aid in experiencing a moment of clarity.

A Sun-Mercury Cazimi helps us feel mentally sharper than usual. Therefore, if we’ve felt off-balance or mentally spent, this alignment is comparable to getting a great pick-me-up.

With an alignment like this, epiphanies are more likely to occur, so if something seems challenging, we might have a eureka moment about how to solve it. Energetically, this gives a nice boost for comprehending information better than usual and absorbing data easier than expected.

This kind of transit enables us to multitask, making it simple to complete many projects more quickly. As a result of this connection, our desire for intellectual stimulation and other ways to sharpen our minds will increase.

Under these influences, we have a more positive view of ourselves, which helps us speak more confidently.

Socially, this aids in having the mental capacity and desire for social interaction. Therefore, it might be a day filled with the urge to chit-chat with others. So, this could lead to a busy but fun day of plans with people we enjoy mingling with.

5/2 Sun Semisquare Neptune: Sometimes You Just Need A Nap

Unlike Monday, Tuesday’s tone could feel blurry and draining.

Our attention might feel foggy due to a complex alignment between the Sun and Neptune.

Under this influence, our perception of ourselves will change because the Sun is associated with our ego, and Neptune is associated with sensitivity and nebulous concepts.

As a result, our emotions might be all over the place, and we might feel lost in what to do with ourselves. Because of this, we might be sensitive to feedback due to feeling confused and experiencing moments of self-consciousness.

And with a transit like this, we tend to feel less energetic, so it could be a day of feeling unmotivated and tired.

5/2 Jupiter Semisextile Neptune: Examining Your Inner Philosophy

On April 12th, 2022, Jupiter and Neptune started a new phasal relationship with one another in the form of a conjunction.

Now we’re starting to get the first taste of the new transits they’ll make in their waxing phase together. So, this year it will be in the form of a semisextile and semisquare.

Energy like this helps us work on our inner philosophies to notice a greater amplification of our beliefs, spirituality, knowledge, mysticism, and universal truths. We could feel the need to be more introspective and understand how to connect to a higher state of consciousness.

Under this influence, we could feel like our dreams are more vivid and as if we’re experiencing heightened intuition. For this reason, we become comfortable with the things that can’t be quantified, like psychic phenomena.

So, this will be an opportunity to work through spiritual-level situations and adjust our perspective to fit where we are headed.

An energy like this could help us reconnect with our creative side, so there could be moments of inspiration. This also gives us the urge to go on a journey; sometimes, this might be through escaping through a good book or fantasizing about travel plans that will take one day.

And it helps us do the inner work needed to discard self-sabotaging habits that hold us back. So, this could be the nudge needed to work on addictive behavior, being overly sacrificial, and realizing why we can’t ignore toxic behavior from others.

5/3 Mercury Semisquare Venus: Flirty Communication That’s Shallow pt 1

Mercury’s in its retrograde cycle and will make a complex transit to Venus that could lead to numerous romantic encounters and amplify our dramatic side.

Under an energy like this, we could get social media messages or comments from people who aren't typically talkative. Some of this might be platonic, while others might have a flirtatious undertone.

On the more romantic end of the communication, some of these exchanges might come from a more exaggerated place.

In other words, you might experience a day like this where you feel like people are laying it on thick, causing the flirtation to appear disingenuous. In some cases, it may be a form of damage control if someone has done something wrong, so now they feel the need to butter you up to mitigate the issue.

And this tends to bring in situations with those who give superficial attention, so even though they’re romantically interested, the level of commitment they’re offering is surface-level.

5/3 Mars Sesquiquadrate Saturn: Bratty Antics Gone Wrong

Mars and Saturn will connect in a configuration that might lead to consequences if we’re impatient. With energy like this, being too demanding of others could cause delays.

Throughout this transit, we will need to find the best ways to ground ourselves because we might feel like we’re on pins and needles.

With a transit like this, it's best not to push our luck with others, so if we’re told to wait, or the person asks for a moment to give us what we want, it's best just to listen. Conversely, we shouldn't be pressured into making a decision either and might have to set boundaries with others.

Because of the nature of this transit, we learn to take responsibility for our actions and deal with the consequences. So, this could serve as a lesson on why we need to be okay with delayed gratification.

5/4 Venus Square Neptune: An Unrealistic Approach To Romance

Love and money matters might feel muddled with a problematic connection between Venus and Neptune.

One of the reasons that a complex transit of Venus and Neptune is challenging is that we might feel distorted in our perception.

So, under this influence, we might have to address reality about our circumstances and realize we’ve been in denial about our situations. We may have to accept that a romantic or professional status is too idealistic for us to pursue.

Venus-Neptune aspects also gradually open our eyes to the value of valuing oneself over pursuing unreal happiness.

5/5 Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio: Día De Los Muertos Vibes On Cinco De Mayo

Friday brings in a Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio that could bring in an otherworldly tone. So, a lunation like this might cause us to feel more extrasensory than usual.

Scorpio energy makes us look at things buried beneath the surface that we’ve ignored so this could be a day of uncovering situations we thought were long gone. An event like this could help us purge out unpleasant emotions and past disappointments, so we can transform and move forward.

Under this lunar event, we will get the nudge needed to step into our personal power and gain more control over our situations. So, even though this is an intense Full Moon, it can also be very empowering.

Signs that will experience this eclipse more than others are the fixed modality, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius, between 14 to 24 degrees of these zodiac placements.

5/5 Venus Sextile Jupiter: Going Big Or Go Home In Your Love Life

A joyful transit between Venus and Jupiter will occur on the day of the eclipse so hopefully it mitigates the harsher energies of that day.

A vibe like this could round out the weekend and help us let our hair down later in the evening on Friday and all the way into Sunday Funday. So, this will allow us to shake off most of the crazy vibes occurring in the cosmos.

These heavenly bodies work in unison to create a setting that strongly encourages positive emotions. Having fun, mingling with others, being open to romance, and feeling like luck is on our side are all made more accessible by this transit.

Energetically, this creates a passionate tone, love life-wise, so it could feel simpler to be more expressive and flirtatious. For this reason, our romantic scenarios might take on a playful manner and create moments of revved-up intimacy.

Socially, this enhances platonic relationships, so if you want enjoyable social interactions with friends, this alignment has you covered. And energy like this could give us the urge to go out at fun local spots or throw a get-together of our own.

Additionally, since this attracts lucky energy, it may benefit all types of luck, including financial circumstances.

Vibes For The Week
Transits graphPhoto bySirius Software

The vibes this week are pretty loaded.

From the 1st to the 3rd psychic, mental, imagination, and confusion, ambition, with a smidge of romance, and good luck vibes, will be present the first 3 days of the week. With all of the Neptune alignments this week, we could feel like sponges regarding our intuition, so we will need to ground ourselves if our intuition is in overdrive.

Ambitious vibes will continue all the way until the 5th and intersect romance, emotional sensitivity, solitude, good luck, social, along with more mental energy. The chart looks weird concerning the romantic vibes because it overlaps with solitude, but it’s definitely on the graph.

Because these next 7 days are mixed, we could feel edgier than typical, resulting in taking care of things that were on the back burner. Anytime there are more complex transits than harmonious, it lights a fire under us, so we will feel restless and want to resolve things rather than being hung back.

Transits For The Week

We’re coming into May with a vengeance!

Over the course of this month, we will experience more of the edgier transits than we’ve had in a while. One thing’s for sure; this upcoming month will be anything but boring.

Transits For May 1st to 6th:

  • 5/1 Pluto Retrograde 2023: Understanding What Needs Transformation In Your Life
  • 5/1 Sun Conjunct Mercury: Expressing Yourself With Confidence
  • 5/2 Sun Semisquare Neptune: Sometimes You Just Need A Nap
  • 5/2 Jupiter Semisextile Neptune: Examining Your Inner Philosophy
  • 5/3 Mercury Semisquare Venus: Flirty Communication That’s Shallow pt 1
  • 5/3 Mars Sesquiquadrate Saturn: Bratty Antics Gone Wrong
  • 5/4 Venus Square Neptune: An Unrealistic Approach To Romance
  • 5/5 Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio: Día De Los Muertos Vibes On Cinco
  • 5/5 Venus Sextile Jupiter: Going Big Or Go Home In Your Love Life

Use this week to empower yourself by transforming the circumstances that hold you back from your true potential.

Have a wonderful week!!!

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