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Mercury Retrograde Horoscope Forecast For Zodiac Signs


Here’s your Mercury Retrograde horoscope for your zodiac sign.
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Here's a closer look at your zodiac signs now that we know how Mercury Retrograde in Taurus will affect us all as a whole.

To gain the best results from this article, base it on your Rising Sign to get the most accuracy out of your reading. And for even more insight into how this retrograde will affect you, specifically, I also suggest using your Big 3, which are your Sun, Moon, and Rising.

Of course, take your preferred approach when reading this article. This can be interpreted as a sun sign horoscope if you're more in touch with your solar side. You could also use your Moon sign if you're more of a lunar type.

Additionally, online chart calculators can help you find this data if you need clarification about what your Big 3 is. Astrodienst, Astroseek, and Astro Charts are a few of the best websites to find your chart information. However, if you prefer using a mobile device, I advise downloading Timepassages, Sanctuary, and Astromatrix.

Getting Out Of Ruts

For the fixed signs, this retrograde will help you review the parts of your life that have become stagnant. Also, this is a time to become more consistent, independent, durable, and consider your earning potential.


This Mercury retrograde makes you the star of the show since it’s in your sign for the duration of its inverse phase.

Taurus, this event will lead you to review why you’ve been in a funk regarding doing you for a change. Therefore, this is the phase to focus on your needs rather than getting caught up in other people’s drama.

In other words, it's a time to ensure you’re benefiting instead of being the one paying the price for everyone else’s comfort. So, this is a period to say no to things that take up your time because you can no longer put your objectives, plans, or time to relax on hold to make others happy.

Connecting with your ambitious side is another scenario you’ll revisit during this regressive phase. Therefore, it's a period to reignite the self-motivated sides of yourself so you can get back on track with your objectives.

And, if you’ve thought about updating your appearance, this is a time to revamp your sense of style. Some of this will help you regain self-confidence while leaving an excellent impression on others.


A Mercury retrograde in your opposite sign will emphasize the relationship sector of your chart.

Scorpio, this is a period to reconsider how you show up in all of your close unions.

So, this will cause you to reexamine your approach to romantic relationships, close friendships, networking contacts, and business partnerships. Some of the ways you’ll handle this are by taking a mental note of which one of these unions brings harmony, fairness, and reciprocity. This will enable you to ensure that you receive just as much as you give to others.

Communication will be pivotal during this regressive cycle, so it will cause you to reconsider how you relate to others. Hence, through this phase, you’ll work on having a better dialog, miscommunication issues, and reconnecting with those you’ve lost touch with.

Speaking of those you’ve lost touch with, sometimes a retrograde like this brings back past romantic interest. Because it is occurring in the relationship portion of your chart, it could be a time to revisit unions that didn't get the closure needed to move forward.


Mercury will go retrograde in the sector of your chart that deals with professional goals.

Leo, this is a phase to reexamine whether your path has left you stagnant career-wise. So, this will be a time to focus on revamping things that prevent growth around your occupation.

Some of this involves getting a second look at improving your financial situation, especially if goals surrounding your earning power were put on hold. But this will be a time to ensure you’re positioning yourself for long-term monetary comfort.

Under this influence, you’ll reconsider ways to develop a long-term strategy that helps you stand out above the rest and strive to become the best in your industry. Or this could help you take another look at finally coming up with a game plan to land the job you deserve.

Some of this could be about taking this period to build up your portfolio because even though you would like a higher position, you need to improve your credentials. Luckily, the hard work that’s being put in during this retrograde will help you down the line; that way, you can hold a position of authority in your industry one day.


A Mercury retrograde in Taurus is occurring in the sector of your chart regarding family issues and other personal life situations.

Aquarius, this will be a period to reexamine the past situations lingering in the background.

In other words, an open dialog with family members or those who live with you will be crucial to fixing situations that need a resolution to move forward. So, some of this could involve fixing misunderstandings and getting to the bottom of other issues that were swept under the rug.

Under this influence, you might have the urge to reexamine your lineage so you’re able to break out of ruts regarding generational themes. It’s a phase to concentrate on starting over with healthier patterns as opposed to things that were handed down.

And this retrograde could be about making a sanctuary in your abode so you could gain a sense of comfort in your living space. Over this period, you’ll take a second look at creating a home environment that ensures you feel grounded when you walk through those doors. Or this might be a time to reconsider if the digs you live in are suitable for you.

Understanding Where You’ve Ignored Important Details

For Sagittarius and Libra, this regressive cycle will help you go over your blind spots to work on the things that need your attention.


With this Mercury Retrograde, you will focus on changing things that create inefficiencies.

Sagittarius, this is a phase to review the habits that disrupt your routine on all levels.

Under this influence, you’ll look at the little things that are adding up because it's causing inconsistencies in your well-being. Therefore, it's a retrograde to achieve a better routine that improves your health. Over this phase, you could experience a mental breakthrough in understanding how to restore harmony to your mind-body connection.

A retrograde like this will help you reexamine the impractical situations at your place of employment that led to burnout. So, this might be when you pair down the number of tasks you're taking on at work and understand the value of delegation in order to feel less overwhelmed.

Regarding more office issues, this will be a time to work on miscommunication with coworkers. If you’re self-employed, some of this could be about improving dialog with those you deal with on a contract level.


A Mercury Retrograde in Taurus will have you resolving deep-rooted scenarios in your life.

Libra, this is a phase to eliminate situations that stop you from transforming your life.

Under this influence, you might be ready for a mental detox of old baggage that doesn't allow you to change. Therefore, this is a phase to heal from suppressed emotions finally and to develop better coping skills. This could also reveal things to you that were previously hidden.

Over this regressive cycle, you’ll also reexamine your relationship with control to ensure it’s healthily directed. With energy like this, there could be conversations with others with dominant personalities that try to gain the upper hand, so this could be a retrograde to stand in your personal power.

With energy like this, you’ll revise what needs to change to have deeper relationships; therefore, it's a regressive cycle to learn about becoming more vulnerable in a romantic union. Also, it's a period to revise financial situations that involve the funds of others, primarily contractual things.

Rethinking Ways To Get Out Of Ruts

For Aries and Gemini, this Mercury Retrograde will be an opportunity to examine ways to get out of a stale period.


With Mercury retrograde traversing the sector of your chart to do with resources, you’ll take a second look at how to get out of a rut in that area of life.

Aries, this is a phase to look at what’s keeping you stuck so you can get the ball rolling again regarding earning ability. Therefore, it’s time to focus on better methods for making money because you're at a point where you need something dependable and with growth potential.

A phase like this might have you revisiting old career paths, jobs you’ve applied for, or simply going back to a reliable source of income from the past. If you’re self-employed, it could be a period to bust out of your comfort zone and market yourself better as a way to ensure plenty of gigs are coming in and to scale your one-person show.

Another thing that will come up to be examined is situations regarding reliability.

So, this could be a retrograde to review who you can depend on and ensure you’re surrounding yourself with trustworthy people because you are yearning for security on all levels. Additionally, it’s a phase to let go of the things you no longer value and a time to raise your sense of worth and self-esteem.


A Mercury Retrograde in the sign of the bull will go through the part of your chart to do with your mystical side.

Gemini, you have one of the loudest minds in the zodiac which is why your thoughts are constantly on an endless loop. So, this retrograde will be beneficial for finding ways to become more grounded. Therefore, this will be a time for self-reflection and finding ways to mellow your mind so it's not always on autopilot.

Some of this retrograde will be about reviewing situations that lead to self-sabotage and letting go of circumstances that cause setbacks. Therefore, it’s a phase to understand what prevents you from getting to the next level of your goal.

Another way this retrograde could show up for you is by connecting with a spiritual practice that complements your energy.

So, it might be a period to come back to developing a plan that allows you to engage with higher vibrations and your metaphysical side. Additionally, this fresh start might be about expressing your creative side through writing, music, and other artistic endeavors.

A Review Of Your Social Situations

For the water signs, Cancer and Pisces, this is a period to reexamine your platonic situations and rethink how you show up in these relationships. Also, it could be a period to revitalize the areas of your social life.


With this Mercury retrograde traveling through the section of your chart to do with your network of people, you’ll feel the need to make revisions to these unions.

Cancer, this is a period to refresh your social life to suit your needs and who you’ve become over the last couple of years.

So, this is a phase to reexamine your friendships to ensure they’re dependable and that there’s growth potential. In other words, it's a period to look at those situations with others who are inconsistent and the relationships you’ve grown out of because it’s stagnant. Also, you’ll go back to friendships that were worth your time.

A retrograde like this will also help you revise ways to meet new people, so this is a phase to review ideas you’ve previously had to form connections with others.

Therefore, if you’ve put joining affiliations, groups, and other opportunities to connect with people who share your interests, this could be a period to research the best clubs/ associations to join.

And it might be a time to revisit goals for the future that will help you level up in life. In other words, it’s a time to return to old wishes about your goals. So, this could be a phase of realizing that offers a solution on how to make your dreams a reality.


Mercury RX will usher in a phase that will cause you to rethink what offers a more carefree experience in your unions and local scene.

Under this retrograde, you’ll go back to people who brought you joy, good conversations, those who stimulated your intellectual side, and friends who were just as adventurous as you. Building stronger ties with siblings or friends similar to sisters or brothers may also be highlighted during this regressive cycle.

This will be a time to go back to things you were curious about but didn't follow through on due to life happenings. Therefore, it’s a period to check out fun things to do in town that was put on hold. Some of this could also be about returning to an old scene you used to frequent.

Additionally, you’re in a place where you need to look at adding variety to your life, so you’ll research ways to improve your resources. A retrograde like this is a reminder of why putting all your eggs in one basket has been a trapping, so it will help you see the value of having more options in your life.

How To Seek Comfort Through Exhilarating Experiences

A retrograde in a fellow Earth sign will make this regressive cycle a time for Virgo and Capricorn to understand why they need to let their hair down.


Since this retrograde is occurring in the sector of your chart about going for the gold, it will help you review ways to shoot your shot regarding goals.

Virgo, this is a phase to rethink how you approach the possibilities. In other words, if you’ve felt stuck or have overanalyzed going after aspirations and circumstances that could be fortunate, it’s a time to learn to take more healthy risks rather than shying away.

A retrograde like this will help revitalize your belief back in yourself once more. Therefore, this will be a time to shift rigid thinking in favor of a more flexible outlook. Doing this will help in adopting a more relaxed mindset and seeing how you can take chances that will pay off.

And this will be a phase to do more research on exploring things beyond your local scene. So, it's a time to review ways to take journeys outside your immediate area to increase your knowledge, engage in spiritual practices, and attend cultural events.


Mercury will retrograde in the portion of your chart regarding leisure and creativity, allowing you to have fun and express yourself more.

Capricorn, this is a time to review the areas of your life that need a healthy sense of theater and thrilling antics.

So, it could be a retro phase to get back to what brings you a sense of aliveness and ways to let your hair down for a change. This may be when you start putting more of an emphasis on relaxing and picking up interestingly rad hobbies.

Another thing that will come up during this regressive cycle is returning to old talents. So, it will be a time to tap into your creativity and reignite your passion for an old form of expression that brought you joy. It’s also a time to consider how to stand out for your uniqueness.

Because this is occurring in the section of your natal chart to do with fun antics in your love life, this could have you returning to ways to improve your romantic scenarios.

You are one of the zodiac signs during this regressive cycle that might see a return of unfinished business regarding old flames.

If you're single, now might be the perfect time to break out of a stale dating situation so that you can meet more suitable people. And this is a phase to revisit better styles of intimacy for those who are married or in relationships.

Have a constructive Mercury RX, everyone.

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