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Mercury Goes Into Retrograde On April 21st, 2023


Mercury’s going retrograde in Taurus will allow us to reconsider our values and how we handle resources.
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Just a few days after a solar eclipse at the very end of Aries and the Sun transitioning to Taurus, we now have a Mercury retrograde in the sign of the bull.

And unlike the Mercury retro we experienced in Taurus last spring, this one will thoroughly go through this zodiac placement.

Also, we’re opening up a new 2023 retrograde season.

What this means is the other celestial bodies will begin their backward motion one after the other. So, in this particular order, we will see Mercury, Pluto, Saturn, Neptune, Chiron, Venus, Mercury RX in Virgo, Uranus, along with the last Mercury retrograde of the year that will split between Sagittarius and Capricorn.

More on those regressive phases as the year progresses; okay, back to the current Mercury RX.

When Mercury is retrograde in Taurus, it forces us to reevaluate what isn't providing us with tranquility and stability.

So, under this influence, we will feel the urge to reconsider how we might improve our attitude toward earning money. Taurean energy focuses on reliable resources, so a retrograde in this sign will help us look at dependable solutions to instability.

A sign like this governs what we consume, our possessions, and how we seek sensory pleasure. Also, Taurus energy is about our self-worth, self-esteem, self-respect, and what we value, so these will be other areas highlighted under this retrograde.

The fixed modality will feel this regressive period more than others. Therefore, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius, between 4 and 16 degrees of these Zodiac placements, will experience this regressive cycle on a more enunciated level.

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Mercury Retrograde in Taurus Reflections
Mercury entering retrograde chartPhoto bySirius Software

On April 7th, 2023, Mercury went into its pre-shadow phase at 5 to 15 degrees of Taurus, giving us a more comprehensive review since it transitioned through the early sector of this sign. Over these last few weeks, we could have experienced themes that will likely arise for us to resolve under this regressive cycle.

So, think about what kind of Taurean themes were coming up in your life?!

Reflective questions for Mercury RX in Taurus:

  • Has consuming the wrong things caused mental stagnation, i.e., food, the things you watch, or other forms of stimulation?
  • Have there been problems with communication involving money?
  • Through this period, have you looked at ways to resolve money noise?
  • Has this been a period to work on your relationship with material things and possessions?
  • Are you becoming more mentally fixated on constructive things?
  • Are you reexamining better ways to earn money?
  • Has this been a time to work on your values?
  • Are you looking at ways to bring more tranquility to your mind so it improves your mental well-being?
  • Understanding why you need to feel valued in romantic relationships?
  • Has this been a time to resolve miscommunication issues?
  • Through this period, have you dealt with unresolved issues regarding exes returning?
  • Understanding what relationships are worth your time?
  • Seeing why you need people in your life as dependable as you?
  • Learning to understand your relationship with sensory things and the need to continually experience pleasure?
  • Discovering you have a low bandwidth for drama?
  • Understanding the art of not being pushed into a decision?
  • Working on the negative self-talk that is making you feel less confident?
  • Realizing that taking in too much unconstructive feedback is ruining your self-esteem?
  • Trying to get out of a fixed mindset?
  • Learning to speak with intention rather than blurting things out?
  • Do you wish to improve the areas of your life that have grown stale?
  • Having issues with being able to mellow out mentally?
  • Are you returning to feel-good music that brought in a sense of peace?
  • Were you working on your ability to retain data?
  • Understanding why you need to take your time on essential details?
  • Learning to become more patient?

Given that Taurus is a Fixed Earth Sign, we should consider what in our lives isn't providing the safety and comfort we need. So, under a retrograde in this sign, we will learn lessons on the value of stability and dependability, how we earn money and resourcefulness.

Other issues that might surface include the priorities in our lives, what we value, how we earn a living, what we consume, and our material possessions. So, over the course of these next 3 weeks, we could review these areas and find ways to resolve any dilemma associated with these themes.

An energy like this helps us reevaluate the importance of consistency and responsibility.

The Taurean themes of Mercury Retrograde deal with issues relating to our self-esteem, values, the need for stability, and mental strength. In this energy, our minds seek tranquility to feel confident and let go of negative internal dialogue.

Taurean energy cannot be forced into making a choice which is a neutral expression of this energy. Sometimes we shouldn’t allow others to push us into a decision; other times, it's crucial.

We focus on the areas where our stubbornness has forced us into a corner, so it will offer us the chance to break free from narrow thinking. Or perhaps this is the time to stand by our position without letting outside influences impact us.

Speaking of leaving old comfort zones, this might be a cycle to focus on learning how to break out of mental ruts that don’t allow for us to adopt a growth mindset. So, if we’ve been fixed in our way of thinking, we might see how this way of being is a significant trapping.

An inverse cycle of this pairing will get us taking a second look at whether the relationship or job we are in adds value to our lives. Mercury Retrograde in Taurus prompts us to consider why we deserve the best and teaches us to recognize our worth.

For this reason, we get the urge to reassess our finances, career, and any relationships that don't contribute to our sense of self-worth.

Mercury, combined with Taurus, helps us think about creating things built to last. So, if something or someone has a history of being unreliable, it can be a period to realize it’s not worth our time. As a result, this will give us the nudge needed to move forward from that scenario.

In traditional Mercury RX fashion, this could usher in a period of communication with those we need a resolution with.

Therefore, even if we had an ex we wanted to get back together with, this inverse cycle may help us understand why moving on is preferable. This may make us realize that the ex was unreliable, which is why we never felt secure in that relationship. And this could also apply to platonic unions that didn’t offer dependability.

Taurus energy teaches us the value of trustworthiness and the necessity of having consistent people in our lives in order to avoid one-sided relationships.

We also understand how important it is to design a less stressful life, so we work to find more ways to be comfortable.

Therefore, if there were turbulent situations in our lives that are draining us, this could be when we begin the process of distancing ourselves from the drama because we need to protect our peace.

Retrogrades aren't a one size fits all, so while someone might experience a few themes, another may not have any scenarios occur. It all depends on how an inverse cycle is aspecting your chart to feel this planet's effects individually.

So, for those not having a personal experience, this is a time to be an observer of things occurring for those you are close with or see things from the point of view of the collective.

Mercury will station out of retrograde on May 15th, then enter the post-shadow phase until May 31st.

Do your best to review, reorient, and resolve all of your Mercury retrograde scenarios.

Important dates to remember:

  • 4/7 Mercury enters Pre-Shadow.
  • 4/21 Stations into Retrograde.
  • 5/15 Mercury Stations Direct.
  • 5/31 Leaves Post-Shadow.
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