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The Full Moon In Virgo Forecast: March 7th, 2023


A Full Moon in Virgo happens on March 7th; here is how it could help us be more intentional with our daily habits.
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We have the Full Moon at 16 degrees of Virgo on March 7th at 4:09 am PST, 7:09 am Eastern. Check your local time to see when this lunation will occur in your area.

With this Virgo lunar event, we’re ending the cold season with the last Full Moon of winter in the northern hemisphere.

And the final lunation of winter is also referred to as the Worm Moon.

March Full Moons get this name since it’s typically the month when the first signs of spring appear.

Ancient/Native cultures would notice worms finally emerging from the ground during this Moon, denoting the start of a new planting cycle. It's around March that the seasons shift, and things emerge from the frigid, lifeless winter. Also, this is the time of year when we prepare to till the soil in our gardens to plant seeds for the coming seasons ahead.

Spiritually, this can indicate when you're emerging from a stagnant phase and prepared to begin experiencing progress. Whatever prevented you from blooming will soon be in the past.

Since this is a Full Moon, we have specific depositors for the Sun and Moon, so particular planets will play a significant role in this lunar event which are Mercury, Jupiter, and Neptune. Mercury is the celestial body associated with Virgo, Jupiter is Pisces's ancient ruler, and Neptune is Pisces's modern governing planet.

Mercury will be in a conjunction with Saturn just before this planet transits into Pisces later in the evening. An alignment like this should allow us to focus on our objectives and create a long-term plan to ensure stability in our lives.

Jupiter is also connecting with Saturn in a complex transit that will allow us to look at where carelessness is holding us back in life. Hence, if there were issues with irresponsibility, now is the time to be accountable and take care of the situations we’ve been reckless or negligent about.

Neptune will connect with this Moon in a problematic transit that could create hazy moments. However, this planet is also aligned with the Sun, which could promote healing our confidence through spiritual practices.

The luminaries, i.e., the Sun and Moon, will be in complex connections to Venus, Mars, and Pluto. For this reason, we will have to address issues with finances, love-life scenarios, our temper, and drama over petty situations.

However, they are aligning with Uranus, which could help us alter stale situations. The great thing about this transit is it will help us find better alternatives to the complex circumstances that have left us stagnant.

Signs most affected by this lunation will be the Mutable Modality, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces between 16 to 26 degrees of these Zodiac placements.

Vibes For the Full Moon
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The vibes for this Moon are minimal; however, they strongly reflect the condition of this lunar event.

There’s a steady stream of mental energy from the 7th through the 9th. Since this Moon promotes using our analytical skills, we will look at ways to improve situations that need a good polish.

Emotional sensitivity is high on the graph lasting from the 7th to the 9th. Because Virgo is a sign more concerned with logic, we could feel more uncomfortable deciphering our feelings than usual.

And there’s a smidge of social energy, so this could be a day with many text messages and connecting with others.

Reflective Questions For the Full Moon

We evaluate our accomplishments in a particular sign during the Full Moon's six-month cycle.

At the culmination of this phase, we should reflect on the lessons we've learned, the best practices we've developed, the circumstances that require change, and the bad habits that must be abandoned.

So, think back to August 27th, 2022; what kind of Virgo themes were you attempting to create in your life since the New Moon in this sign?

Here are some questions that are Virgoan in nature:

  • What have you enhanced in your life?
  • Have you found ways to improve your regimen?
  • On the path to replacing self-sabotaging with better-coping skills and habits?
  • Found practical ways to become polished appearance-wise?
  • Learned how to be more refined?
  • On a consistent personal growth journey?
  • Becoming more mindful and conscious of how your behavior affects others?
  • Worked on being more decerning?
  • Learning the art of healthy skepticism?
  • Become less malleable to those who try to mold you for their own advantage?
  • Have you become better at setting boundaries to weed out those disrespecting your parameters?
  • Holding yourself more accountable and staying the course on your goals plus habits?
  • Worked on being less agreeable?
  • Learning the importance of being detail-oriented?
  • Seeing where you can be of service as long as it's practical?
  • Working on being wasteful to prevent feelings of emptiness?
  • Becoming more purposeful with your time and energy?
  • Using precision to cut through the unorganized situations in your life?
  • Have you incorporated self-improvement techniques?
  • Found a knowledgeable source that can keep you accountable such as a course or coach?
  • Started an apprenticeship to become more specialized and an expert in your chosen field?
  • Becoming more intentional in everything you do?
  • Have you learned to narrow your options so you reach obtainable goals rather than unrealistic ones?
  • Understanding the importance of not acting off of emotional impulse?

Virgo energy is about cutting through extravagance that detours us from being efficient. This lunation gives us a chance to apply ourselves and assimilate the knowledge we gain from Virgo.

Under this influence, we focus on how to live a life that’s worthwhile, so if you worked on Virgo-proofing your life, this might be when you’re ready to let go of what’s holding you back.

The Virgo process involves doing the work necessary to lead productive and ethical lives.

With the guidance of this sign, we are inspired to become better versions of ourselves and help others in need. We also learn that sometimes it's not healthy to always make things about ourselves.

A Zodiac sign like this inspires us to clear the clutter causing havoc in our lives.

Under this influence, we begin to understand how our lack of orderliness, wastefulness, excesses, self-centeredness, and pride in our appearance prevent us from succeeding. Energetically, this aids us in getting back on track so that we can eventually become more purposeful.

By embracing Virgo's positive traits, we can build a more intentional and fulfilling existence.

Themes of The Full Moon In Virgo
Full Moon in Virgo ChartPhoto bySirius Software

If you want to incorporate more Virgo habits, use this checklist. You can combine your adopted abilities and employ them effectively during this lunation.

Here are some of the themes:

  • Self-improvement, learning new skills, receiving coaching, and having a good routine is the Virgo way to unlock personal growth.
  • Working on the areas of your life where you lack balance is essential.
  • Virgo also teaches us how to be more perceptive in our interpersonal interactions.
  • Take your time and examine the details to be sure you're making the right decisions.
  • If you've been looking for a way to build financial security, this energy is perfect for helping you comprehend and manage your resources while also increasing your income.
  • Sift through the unsightly things and weed out any wasteful issues.
  • Discover how to cut through the rubbish in your life with precision to go to the next stage of your personal growth.
  • Investigate techniques for coping with stress or other difficulties.
  • Focus on the things that cause your mind to race since this type of energy can make you aware of how weighing things down with overthinking is suffocating you.
  • Establishing a schedule is essential to becoming reliable in daily life.
  • Make sure to look after your health and do everything you can to feel at ease in your own skin.
  • Getting into a workout plan that will help you balance your mind, body, and spirit is especially important during this Moon.
  • Find ways to be more intentional with your daily routine.
  • Examine every aspect, no matter how tiny it may seem; you want your goals' final outcome to be flawless.

As you prepare for this Virgo chapter of your life, take an inventory of what you want to polish.

Use this Virgo Full Moon to create something pristine for yourself and get back on track with your everyday life.

Have a wonderful Full Moon, everyone!!!

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