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Mars Will Go Retrograde In Gemini from October 30th, 2022


On October 30th, Mars will turn retrograde; for the following two and a half months, this will help us examine why we need to focus on issues like lack of flexibility, interpersonal problems, our local surroundings, feeling disorganized, and misunderstanding.
Mars in bold colorsimage by author

And away we go again!

After two years of no Retrogrades from the red planet, Mars will go into its Regressive Cycle in Gemini.

Having an Inverse Cycle on this planet is a massive deal because Mars only moves backward 7% of the time, making this the rarest planet to go Retrograde.

One of the last times we had a Retrograde was in its Sign of Rulership, Aries. The Inverse Phase for this event occurred from September 9 to November 14, 2020. Mars, after that, entered its Post Shadow RX state until January 2, 2021.

On top of that, Mars Retrogrades last longer than any of the other inner planets that go into Regressive Phases, i.e., Mercury and Venus. This is due to this celestial body being the last inner planet and further away from the Sun. The further away a celestial object is, the more extended the orbit.

Therefore, Mars’s Inverse Phase takes approximately 7 months, starting with the Pre-Shadow, Retrograde Motion, then the Post-Shadow. As a result, this planet stays in a Sign for several months.

Mars entered Gemini on August 19th and will stay in the Sign of the Twins until March 25th, 2023, after it becomes Direct.

Typically, Mars stays in a Sign for 6 weeks, so the fact that it’s slowing down means we’re in Gemini for a while. From August to March, we will be in the energy of the Twins.

Mars is the planet that governs our aspirations, needs, methods of pursuing our goals, motivation, and/or sex drive. This planet loves to do things in a fast-paced manner, so when these expressions turn inward, it can feel frustrating because our ability to act slows down.

Gemini is also speedy and is about multitasking, short-distance travel by car, understanding the details, and factual stuff, doing things swiftly, communicating, thinking, having a relationship with the local environment, and flexibility. This is a Sign that helps us come up with concepts, so when it operates at average capacity, we flourish with ideas. Gemini is mostly cerebral but also enjoys doing everything and being everywhere.

Gemini also deals with our connections with our close family members, who are essentially our siblings. However, this can raise issues involving relations with cousins, aunts, and uncles.

However, once this planet goes into Retrograde in this Sign, all of these themes could seem off-kilter.

Mars hasn’t had a full Retrograde in Gemini in 78 years.
Mars Retrograde in Gemini 1944Sirius Software

The last time this planet went Retrograde in Gemini was from October 28th, 1943, to Jan 10, 1944, from 22-4 degrees of Gemini. For this reason, this Regressive Phase through this Sign will be more potent than typical. In Astrology, the rarer the Astrological event, the more robust its effects.

If you aren't impacted by this RX personally, you might observe how things collectively develop on a societal level. Or watch for changes in the people close to you who are affected by this Retrograde.

Zodiac Signs between 5 and 27 of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces, will feel this Retrograde more strongly than other Astrological Placements.

Mars Retrograde Transits Worth Jotting Down

On September 3rd, 2022, Mars went into its Pre-Shadow Phase.

We will get a sneak peek at the upcoming 7 1/2 months during the Shadow RX Phase.

So, during this time, we’re getting a theatrical preview into the next bunch of months. This allows us to pay attention to Gemini themes since they will come back for review over several weeks of the Regressive Cycle.

Observing the Pre-Shadow Phase is a terrific way to see your unique Retrograde pattern.

Mercury rules Gemini and is Mars's Depositor. Therefore, it will impact Mars Retrograde and vice versa. Also, Mercury entered its inverse Period when Mars was in Shadow RX, so we could see themes emerge from the September 2022 Mercury RX leading to a more revved-up cycle.

Since Mars is going over Gemini, we could see a finalization of unfinished business from May, June, and July pop back up for review. Mercury went Retrograde in Gemini, but we also had an Aries pile up “Mars Ruling Sign” and planets in Gemini up until July.

As a result, this Retrograde will cover those Zones, causing us to look back at what was occurring during those periods.

Lastly, the Depositor for Mars, Mercury, will go into Retrograde again at the end of the Year, which could create more frustration because we aren’t as grounded as we would like with Mercury being Retrograde in Capricorn.

Transits For The Mars Retrograded In Gemini Series

Mars Retrograde in Gemini Chart 2022Sirius Software

The Transits that will occur during this long Retrograde will be worth paying attention to because this will also give us an indication of what to expect.

Mars will connect with the Moon multiple times throughout this Cycle; however, we will look at the planets and the Sun in these scenarios.

Mars Sesquiquadrate Pluto: How To Speak Recklessly

5 Transits will transpire between Mars and Pluto from the beginning of its Regressive Cycle to the end Of the Post Shadow Period.

The Mars and Pluto combination will enhance the feeling of being edgy and, at times, furious.

Although this alignment is inspiring, take care not to come out as power-hungry. Conflict is possible in this scenario, and when people cannot exercise their power, they frequently become aggressive.

Dates for this Transit

  • 9/9/22 Mars Sesquiquadrate Pluto
  • 10/29/22 Mars Quincunx Pluto
  • 12/18/22 Mars Sesquiquadrate Pluto
  • 12/15/22 Mars Sesquiquadrate Pluto
  • 3/25/23 Mars Quincunx Pluto

Venus Square Mars: Working Through Relationship Drama

Mars and Venus will connect 3 times during the Retrograde in a Transit that could show us the pitfalls of being in an unhealthy relationship. This series of Squares could also show us where we need to work on excitement-seeking behavior, impulsivity with finances, and issues to do with bedroom situations.

The first alignment occurred on September 16th while Venus was in Virgo in the Pre-Shadow Phase. After, there will be an Opposition on November 30th while this planet is in Sagittarius. Lastly, we will get a closing Square while Venus is in Pisces during its Post-Shadow on Feb 3rd, bringing a close to this configuration.

Mars Sextile Chiron: Taking Actions To Work On Old Baggage

Mars connected with Chiron on September 17th in a Transit that helps us release old stories that are holding us back.

A perfect example of "making lemonade out of lemons" is this Transit. As a result, with this alignment, your endurance will be in overdrive, enabling you the fortitude to tackle challenges you previously didn't think you could.

This will come back around December 19th and February 11th, 2023

Mars Semisextile Uranus: Feeling Antsy

On September 26th, Mars made the first of 3 Semisextiles to Uranus.

A Transit like this will point out issues with patience in our lives. So, our need for immediacy may irritate us since it makes us feel wired and dependent on instant gratification.

Because this enhances a need for things to be fast, we could have a low tolerance for people who take their time.

Additionally, excitement-seeking behavior becomes an issue under this Transit, so it may result in drama, clumsiness, and relationship issues.

Next, hit December 8th, then Feb 18th, 2023.

Mars Trine Saturn: Taking Responsible Actions To Upgrade Your Life

Around September 26th, Mars will connect with Saturn in a harmonious alignment.

With this configuration coming back a few more times, we could find ways to build a better foundation so we can leave behind what’s no longer sustainable. Mars and Saturn in this alignment help energize us to get things done and get out of a stagnant period. We learn to use our energy for the right things and stop wasting it on what's immovable.

This one will return on November 28th and then somewhere around March 30th, 2023, so pay attention. Even though the Transit in March is out of Sign, we will still see one last moment from this as the Transit puts in the finishing touches.

Mars Square Neptune: Taking Action On Unrealistic Goals

On October 11th, Mars will form a Square with Neptune, which could feel a little exhausting in contrast to some of the other Retrograde alignments. Also, we could feel foggy about what direction to take with our lives.

A Retrograde Transit like this encourages us to rest and take our time because whatever we’re doing needs to be finished when we’re clear about what we want or if this is the person or thing to commit ourselves to at some point.

Pay attention to the details because this might cause information to be skewed. If you’re signing up for something, have contracts to sign or other documents to go over, please take your time and read every detail.

You may feel sleepier during these periods since Mars and Neptune are in a complex alignment that often makes people drowsy. Establish appropriate limits because we tend to absorb other people's energy and mood.

Try to turn this Mars-Neptune alignment into something creative; it's one of the healthiest things you can do with it.

One thing to remember is that because Mars is slowing down, the October 11th Transit will be extended until December 13th; we could still feel this one.

We will receive one more connection from this Square on March 13th, 2023. However, this won't last as long because Mars will be speeding up.

Venus Trine Mars: Feeling Enthusiastic About Your Love Life

We’re finally getting a Trine from Venus to Mars after a long duration without one. Venus hasn’t Trined Mars since Jan 9th of 2021, so having this Transit occur during a Retrograde will bring in a sense of urgency. This is not a complicated alignment, but it does promote taking action in our love life and career.

A Trine between these celestial bodies during a Retrograde will make it easier to make the changes needed to maximize our benefits romantically and money-wise.

The first hit is on October 18th. Write down these dates for this lovely alignment; we will get this again as a Trine on January 9th, 2023, and another as a Sextile on March 11, 2023.

Mercury Trine Mars: How To Rethink Your Plans

With this Transit, we get the opportunity to rethink our plan of action. We could go over a goal we were ready to chase but now need to reroute our direction. The good thing is this isn’t a frustrating Transit because we feel a sigh of relief that we can take another approach with whatever we are pursuing.

Also, this could be a time when we get an aha moment about something that seemed complicated. So, this Transit offers us moments that make us feel intellectually sharp.

Mercury hasn't Trined Mars since December 14th, 2020, during Mars Post Shadow Retrograde two years ago. As a result, we could see a resolution to something put on the back burner a few years prior.

Next hit February 22nd While Mercury is in Aquarius.

Pay attention to these dates, especially if you have Mutable placements in Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces between 5 to 27 degrees of these Zodiac Signs. This Retrograde will potentiate you more than others, so it's good to be prepared; that way, you can maximize the benefits of this Cycle.

Possible Themes That Could Occur During Mars RX In Gemini
Mars in Geminiimage by author

Combining Mars in Gemini on a regular Transit brings in a nice rush, but we will have to step back and operate with less dexterity through a Retrograde.

For this reason, the next couple of months could feel frustrating and require a lot of patience. Otherwise, if we push beyond our stamina, we could end up burning ourselves out.

This Mars Retrograde is in a Mutable Sign, so this could be a period of shifting things before moving on to a new cycle in your life.

Mutable Signs come at the end of seasons. With Gemini being Mutable Air, this could do with our relationships, information, and perception that need to be transmuted. This could be a time of preparing to adapt to a new season in your life while stripping away what’s left you scattered.

Because of the combinations of this Retrograde, it can be broken up into some main points that will reoccur.

Here are some topics that could come up:

Communication Issues

Mars with Gemini in an Inverse Cycle could feel like a more prolonged and edgier Mercury Retrograde, so communication issues will be prevalent. Because Mars governs our temperament, this could be frustrating when dealing with brutally direct individuals.

  • People becoming disinterested or disorganized to the point where they forget to answer, causing flakiness.
  • Consequently, this could be a time when you have unfinished talks.
  • With this combination, gossip could be a problem, so try to avoid disparaging remarks about other people.
  • We must deal with our tendency to have loose mouths, which may cause us to divulge other people's private information accidentally.
  • Dealing with individuals who stretch the truth can seem more pronounced
  • Keeping with the idea of communicating without any filters, this might also be a moment when people are being too direct.
  • Under this influence, tempers could quickly flare up, resulting in tense interactions.
  • Try to be conscious and leave if a topic starts to annoy you.
  • A good debate may quickly turn aggressive.
  • Intellectually ridiculing others is another way this could manifest.
  • If we believe someone is beneath us, we may be condescending and have a low tolerance.
  • Being more direct could backfire under this RX.
  • Keep your urge to debate as healthy as possible.
  • Verbal sparring tends to be inflated.
  • Impulsively communicating with people or sending a text to an ex.
  • We need to work on our communication skills in relationships.
  • Try to be aware of arrogant behavior with this energy because it tends to inflate levels of unwarranted confidence.

Thoughts, Perception, and Information

Gemini has to deal with our mind and how we take in data, so this could be a period of looking at how we process stimuli. Also, we might need to work on scattered thoughts and inner dialog. Connected to the fast-paced nature of Mars could create issues if we aren’t as alert as usual.

  • Needing constant stimulation
  • Situations, where you can’t make up your mind will need a decision.
  • Concentrating might be hard at this time.
  • Feeling like you can’t narrow down everything you want to do.
  • There could be a tendency to burn out or become bored quicker than typical.
  • It’s time to decide instead of flip-flopping between choices.
  • You could hop from one thing, thought, or person to the next.
  • It’s time to recalibrate our inner dialog.
  • We need to resolve the circumstances that cause us to be stuck in our heads so we can experience positive internal thoughts.
  • Understanding how to be more truthful with yourself and others.
  • Areas, where you are curious about topics and things get highlighted.

Your Local Environment

Gemini governs our environment. In other words, this Sign is associated with our city, neighbors, neighborhoods, and how we relate to this part of life. Mars being connected to this could show where there is irritation in these areas.

  • Your connection to your local community needs to be worked on regarding how you move through your city.
  • Learn how to make peace with your immediate environment and repair your relationship with it.
  • Or this could be a period of coming to terms with the fact that the environment isn't good for you.
  • There could be a shift in the places you frequently go.
  • Or this could be an urge to revamp where you hang out in your town.
  • You could alter how you run around town for everyday tasks.
  • This could rev up the drama with neighbors who are already a nuisance.

Technology and Transportation

Being one of the Signs that’s associated with trips, Gemini governs travel by land or short distances. This could be through your city, state, or country, so for this reason, we could experience some glitches in this area. Combined with Mars, which is how we move, this could also cause delays in these areas.

Additionally, Gemini is ruled by Mercury which deals with what we do every day, including being on the internet. We could also notice an uptick in glitchy tech or transportation because of Gemini’s association with those things as well. Adding Mars to this mix could create frustration when we aren’t getting instant gratification in these areas.

  • Losing information
  • Or recovering old data you thought was missing.
  • Because we are dealing with a Mercurial Mars, it can feel like we are experiencing Mercury Retrograde.
  • Additionally, keep an eye on your online activities, make sure your data is backed up, and try not to you aren't publishing anything inappropriate because, while under this influence, information malfunctions are more common.
  • With Gemini’s connection to Mercury, the ruler of this sign, there could be internet issues, convos over text messages/DM’s, or problems on social media.
  • Travel delays could be more prevalent than usual.
  • Transportation could have some glitchy spots in terms of slowness and reliability.

Taking Action On Our Objectives

Because Mars is combined with Gemini, our ability to act on goals might seem all over the place. This combination is ordinarily helpful for multitasking and going after various opportunities, but in Retrograde, we could spin our gears, biting off more than we can chew.

  • While multitasking is excellent, we must be careful not to burden ourselves with extra tasks.
  • A bottleneck may arise if you attempt to take on more than you can manage.
  • Maybe getting a side hustle or two.
  • Or this could be a time when you pair down the number of jobs you’re doing
  • This could be a period when you come back to old goals so you can finally execute them.
  • Mars RX has a way of showing us where to direct our energy so we can align with our passion.
  • Narrow down the need to be a Jack of all trades so one day, you can master something unique in your life
  • Gemini represents the teenager, so this could be a period of returning to backburner goals from your adolescence.
  • Use this time to learn where you can become flexible concerning your career.

Immediate Family

Air Signs are associated with different types of relationships. Gemini deals with our immediate connections that aren’t parental. In other words, close relatives, especially siblings, become the focal point of this energy. If parents do come up, this could be a mother or father that’s more like a brother or sister.

Mars being tied to this energy could reveal frustration within those unions like:

  • This could be a time to distance or cut ties in an unhealthy sibling situation
  • Or learn how to set boundaries with brothers or sisters.
  • Issues with estranged family members could finally get resolved.
  • Navigating your role with your immediate family
  • Understanding that you can no longer let the people you’re related to hold you back from your goals.
  • Repairing relationships with friends who are like siblings
  • Setting boundaries, distancing yourself or letting go of unhealthy friendships.
  • There is a potential to cut connections off with friends.

Passionate Exchanges

Mars governs our sex drive; this, combined with a Sign that it doesn’t have the best reputation for commitment, could drudge up issues regarding intimacy.

  • Addressing issues with commitment
  • Different types of infidelity get exposed through this cycle
  • If you have been in inconsistent relationships of any kind, this is the time to move forward.
  • Work on the areas where you are flakey.
  • Get organized with your dating life.
  • Fix the zones in your life where you are non-committal.
  • Embracing your sexuality regardless of what others think.
  • Working on your libido, so it’s balanced and healthy.
  • Indeed, this is a complicated Retrograde for sure.

Mars Retrograde in Gemini will be here for a while, so we have the opportunity to go back and resolve these issues.

That way, we can move through the world without restriction.

Important Dates To Remember:

  • Enters Gemini on August 19th, 2022
  • Mars Pre-Shadow September 3rd, 2022
  • Enters Retrograde October 30th, 2022
  • Stations out of Retrograde January 12th, 2023
  • Leaves Post Shadow RX March 15th, 2023
  • Transits out of Gemini on March 25th, 2023
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