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A Tornado In Colorado Stuck Down Tonight North Of Denver

Carrie Wynn
Colorado TornadoPhoto courtesy of Mike Rafferty

The weather in Colorado is known to be full of surprises and tonight was no different.

A tornado touched down early Monday evening, in Weld County which is east of I-25 and around 35 miles north of Denver.

The tornado started at around 5:15 p.m. near Frederick Colorado. A Copter4 flew near the tornado and was able to capture it moving north after touching down on the ground. The helicopter was able to follow the tornado for around fifteen minutes before needing to land because of the weather conditions and safety concerns. By around 6:00 the emergency management office in Weld County said the tornado had disappeared.

Afterward, it has been reported that the tornado ended up covering a path of almost fifteen miles. As of now, there have been no human injuries or casualties reported, but several animals have been killed and numerous types of damage.

A meteorologist named Lauren Whitney reported that there was lighting and hail that came along with the high winds due to the storm that ended up producing the tornado. A crew was able to capture an image of some of the damage at a large dairy farm and at least one roof was heavily damaged on the property.

Due to this happening tonight, this is still a developing case in regards to the amount of damage done by the tornado.

If you are a Colorado native, I am curious... did you have many tornados growing up or is this uncommon even for a state that can basically have every season in the span of a day?


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