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The Best Meals and Deals in Los Angeles for National Burger Month

14 days ago

As May draws to a close, you might be thinking, "I didn't even know it was National Burger Month"! 

Well, I'm here to let you know that National Hamburger Day is this Sunday, May 28th, and it's never been a better time to get out there and eat some meat. I've even got some vegan options for you as well!
Where to Eat for National Burger MonthPhoto byEatDrinkLA

The Habit Burger Grill (Various)

The Habit Burger Grill has you covered with a $20 meal deal that includes 2 Charburgers with Cheese, 2 Fries, and 2 drinks. Best of all, it's good until June 27th, 2023.
Charburger with CheesePhoto byThe Habit Burger Grill

Burgers Never Say Die

Always on my list, Burgers Never Say Die makes some of the best Smashburgers in Los Angeles. While technically made with a nice cheese patty on top, The Regular, with ketchup, mustard, pickles, and onions, is just as good without the cheese, too. ($10.85). 

Burgerlords (Chinatown, Nela)

While I was partial to the Classic Burger, Burgerlords is now 100% VEGAN with 5 options to choose from. They have two Eastside walk-up window locations in Highland Park and Chinatown with prices that rival In-N-Out. During National Burger Month, try The Brainburger™ Vegan Burger, made with over 30 vegetables and served on a sponge bun. This burger is made in collaboration with Brain Dead to raise money to Stop AAPI Hate during the month of May. 

Next on the menu is Tahini Milkshakes and Tofu Nuggets. The shakes are available in 5 different flavors, including Oreo and Stumptown Coffee. Meanwhile, the Tofu Nuggets take 2-3 days to make. Try to find that at any other fast-casual restaurant.
Tofu NuggetsPhoto byBurgerlords

The Win-dow (Venice/Silverlake)

The Win-dow is another "smashingly good place" for Classic Smashburgers and Fries, and they have locations on both sides of Los Angeles. Be sure to get the UNDER $5 Cheeseburger ($7.50 for a Double) or a Beauty Burger if you don't eat meat ($8.25).
The Win-Dow BurgerPhoto byThe Win-dow Burger Instagram

For the Win (Hollywood/Glendale/DTLA/Whittier)

Quickly becoming one of my favorite burgers, Papilles Restaurant has permanently rebranded as the daytime concept called For the Win. There you can get Burgers, Chicken Sandwiches, and French Fries instead of the very affordable French prix-fixe they used to offer nightly in Hollywood. During National Burger Month, I recommend the Cheeseburger made with a quarter-pound of smashed grass-fed beef, grilled onions, pickles, and cheese on a Martin's potato bun ($8). They also have Hamburgers for just $7!
CheeseburgerPhoto byEatDrinkLA

In-N-Out Burger (Various)

I'm not sure any proper California burger list would be complete without a nod to In-N-Out. While the Cheeseburger might have been invented in 1920s Pasadena, it was possibly perfected in 1940s Baldwin Park. My personal favorite "Animal Style" was coined in 1969 for the rowdy animals that frequented the restaurant on late nights. Request your burger like this if you're in the mood for an extra thousand island spread, mustard grilled patties, and more pickles. All under $5! Here's to our youth!
Cheeseburger Animal StylePhoto byEatDrinkLA

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