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St. Louis couple who brandished guns at BLM supporters show off their new rifle

Amy Christie

The St. Louis couple who pleaded guilty to waving their guns at Black Lives Matter protesters have taken a new defiant pose. They have just unveiled their new rifle, as Yahoo News reports.

What are the details?

Mark and Patricia McCloskey had to give up the guns they used to threaten the protesters outside their St. Louis mansion in June 2020.

However, it only took them a couple of days to replenish their stock. The couple posed at a gun store only two days after they pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges and agreed to pay fines to the city.

As part of the plea deal the couple agreed to have their weapons destroyed by the authorities.

However, they were not prohibited from owning others and did not lose or have any impact on their law licenses.

“We’re strong advocates of the Second Amendment and we’re going to continue to exercise our rights and protect ourselves,” Mr. McCloskey said for Fox News on Sunday.
“We intend to keep and bear them. We’re a constitutional carry state. I will replace those which the state took.”

The couple went to a gun shop, took photos of their new rifle, and also with the owner.

At the hearing that took place on Thursday, when asked by Judge David Mason if he realized that his actions had put people at risk of injury, Mr. McCloskey replied that, “I sure did your honor.”

Missouri’s Republican Governor Mike Parson also previously stated that if the St. Louis couple were convicted, he would pardon them, according to Yahoo News.

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