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Dallas students on Flag Day: “It sweeps racism and oppression under the rug”

Amy Christie

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Right before Flag Day on Monday, reporter Ophelie Jacobson from Campus Reform made a visit to the University of Texas at Dallas. She intended to chat with students and see what they think the American flag symbolizes.

The answers the journalist got were not positive in the least. Many students did not know about Flag Day at all and most of those who did know what it was meant to celebrate didn’t have a very high opinion about glory present and past.

What were the reactions?

As the Campus Reform reporter started asking around, she got a feel for how the students see the holiday.

When she tried to find out from a student what things come to mind on seeing the flag, he offered an unsettling reply.

“A lot of things come to mind. First of all, war. Second of all ... we've also taken a bit of land from Native Americans, so that's unfortunate, too. And it's just really terrible that we've done all these things, and this flag kind of reminds me of that, of all the sins we've committed against others,” the student said.

After that the reporter asked him if he agreed with other students who thought the flag was related to racism.

“Yes, wholeheartedly. We've done so much under that banner ... and the whole patriotism thing just sweeps all that narrative of racism, oppression, and the like under the rug,” he pointed out.

Another student followed the same line of thought.

“I guess I don't look at the flag positively ... I do look at it negatively... a lot of injustice. I see flags on church grounds, which I find very ... like, not trustworthy because I don't like the idea of tying in politics with religion, which is what this country does, even still today,” she said.

A different student believed that “absolute love of the flag ... is very obviously correlated to, like, extremism ... nationalism.”

Some students mistook Flag Day (June 14) for Juneteenth (June 19).

Also, when asked if Flag Day should be celebrated one of the Dallas students had a hard-set answer: “Absolutely not.”

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