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The fight starts inside BLM after Los Angeles controversy and $90 million gone: “Tell no lies”

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The Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation has been called on to provide “internal accountability” and “financial transparency” after the controversies related to the purchases of Los Angeles homes and no clear report on over $90 million made in 2020, as The Blaze reports.

The momentum is growing as the father of Michael Brown supports questioning the motives of the Black Lives Matter foundation.

What are the details?

“The original 10 signatories and the other chapters and organizers remain steadfast in our open calls for accountability from the BLM Global Network Foundation (BLMGN) and Patrisse Cullors.”

A report was released last June which allegedly shows that only 6% of spending went to grassroots organizations and local chapters. Apparently, all the rest of the money went toward staff compensation and travels.

Right after the shocking statement “chapter names were promptly removed from the BLMGN website,” according to BLM10+.

The unrest grew much stronger against the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation in the meantime. BLM10+ has released a new statement this week titled “Tell No Lies.”

“Nepotism, proximity to power, and access to resources became more important to the network than making sure that they had a radical vision, objectives, and strategies created through a transparent, democratic decision making process and a solid foundation of shared governance and political alignment,” is the claim made by BLM10+.
“The salaries, such as those of Patrisse Cullors, other founders, and staff have never been reported to Chapters," the statement goes on.

“As we labored to build grassroots movements in our communities, our engagement with BLMGN was always problematic and unsupportive. We never knew who made decisions or how decision making processes were determined,” BLM10+ declared.

“The only reason BLMGN has been able to amass millions of dollars from grants and donations is because of the pain of families who have lost loved ones to state violence and the grassroots campaigns we as local chapters and organizers have waged across the country without their support. The reason control of those resources was able to be hoarded from families, chapters, and organizers is that those referred to as founders, and those close to them, allowed themselves to be elevated by the corporate media and other tools of the system.”

BLM10+ claims to be backed up by several parents whose children were killed by the police.

“Families of those who were lost to police violence spoke out and also demanded accountability,” the organization said.

After Cullors stepped down from her position in the network last month surrounded by controversy related to Los Angeles real estate purchases, major suspicions about the finances of the Black Lives Matter organization surfaced.

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