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Jacksonville black mom torches school policy: “Teaching a child that they are permanently oppressed is racist”

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Keisha King, a Jacksonville black mom, has gone viral for her disparaging remarks against critical race theory in schools.

The outraged mother spoke out against the Board of Education recently, insisting that critical race theory is promoted only by people who “are racists themselves,” as noted by The Blaze.

How did it happen?

King, a parent in the Jacksonville Duval area, was speaking on behalf of the grassroots activist group Moms for Liberty. The mother warned the board that if things go on unchecked, critical race theory could even ruin the future.

“Just coming off of May 31st, marking the 100 years of the Tulsa riots, it is sad that we are even contemplating something like critical race theory, where children will be separated by their skin color and deemed permanently oppressors or oppressed in 2021,” King said.
“That is not teaching the truth, unless you believe that whites are better than blacks. I have personally heard teachers teaching CRT and we have had an assembly shut down because a Duval County Public School System consultant thought it would be a great idea to separate students by race. This is unacceptable,” the mother continued.

King also doesn’t believe that critical race theory is about “racial sensitivity.”

“CRT ... is a teaching that there is a hierarchy in society. That's why we see corporations like Coca-Cola asking their employees to be less white, which is ridiculous.

I don't know about you but telling my child or any child that they are in a permanent oppressed status because they are black is racist, and saying that white people are automatically above me, my children or any child is racist as well.”

She went on to warn all fellow parent about the dangers of critical race theory.

“Don't take it from me, look at the writers of these types of publications. If this continues, we will look back and be responsible for the dismantling of the greatest country in the world by reverting to teaching hate and that race is a determining factor on where your destiny lies,” the Jacksonville mom pointed out.

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