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Adam Tabriz

Opinion: Unlock the Secrets to Longevity: Heredity, Lifestyle, and the Environment Impact Your Life Expectancy!

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John had always felt lucky to be alive. Born at the turn of the century, in the era of 1900, he had the lowest life expectancy for a male child at 46 years. Little did he know that a century on and the average life expectancy for Americans had risen dramatically.

A male child born in 2019 could expect to live to 79 years on average, and a female child, approximately 84 years.

Living to the grand old age of 75, John was astounded to hear about the gains life expectancy had made in the last 100 years and what it meant for subsequent generations. His 65-year-old daughter, now expected to live to 86 years, had proven his parental worries wrong. He could still enjoy many more precious years with her and his young grandchildren.

John was also heartened to hear that despite the significant change in the average life expectancy, the maximum life span remained much the same at the start of the century. It reminded him that no matter what advanced medical technology and research had occurred in his lifetime, some things should remain forever unchanged.

John was proud that, as he sadly moved on to the afterlife, he had seen such an impressive rise in the average life expectancy of Americans. Leaving his family and friends with this knowledge would surely be one of the greatest gifts he could ever leave behind.

Various factors influence life expectancy, including heredity, lifestyle, environment, and healthcare access. Heredity is essential in determining whether a person is more likely to develop a disorder or live longer. Likewise, lifestyle choices such as avoiding smoking and alcohol, eating a healthy diet, exercising, and getting recommended screening can contribute to a longer life. Further, environmental toxins can shorten lifespan, even in those with the best genetic makeup.

Finally, healthcare is critical, as it can help prevent and treat disorders, including curing infections and cancers. All in all, living in old age is something one should strive for and can work towards through healthy lifestyle choices and access to healthcare.


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