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My Favorite Restaurants in Tucson, Arizona


Are you looking for one-of-a-kind restaurants to enjoy a tasty meal at? Well then, keep reading! I have visited numerous restaurants around Tucson, and these are my favorite so far. I highly recommend checking out these restaurants. Not only for their variety of great food but for their creative style.

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Little Anthony's Diner
A photo of me outside Little Anthony's DinerPhoto byAbigail Littrell

I adore Little Anthony's Diner for many reasons. I love the 1950s/1960s theme of the diner. It has a variety of vintage decorations inside and outside the restaurant including a retro arcade and classic cars. The environment of the diner is great, and so is the food. An additional great thing about this restaurant is you can eat a delicious meal and then catch a show at the Gaslight Theatre next door. The vibe, the lights, and the decorations are perfect at Little Anthony's.
A photo of a meal at Little Anthony's DinerPhoto byAbigail Littrell

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Moby's Restaurant

Moby's at Casino Del Sol is another vintage-themed restaurant with a 50s beach vibe. There are surfboards, murals, and beach photographs decorating the walls. The restaurant will make you feel like you're relaxing near the ocean in a beach cafe. They have a variety of food options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Cracker Barrel

Cracker Barrel is an outstanding place to eat with delicious food and historic decor. It's an excellent atmosphere with eye-catching decorations including antique photographs, items, and posters. The meals at Cracker Barrel are incomparable. The rainbow trout and fried shrimp meals are my favorites. Each table in the restaurant has a small board game to play. It is an entertaining and challenging way to wait for your food.
A photo of the outside of Cracker BarrelPhoto byAbigail Littrell

I love the gift shop that the restaurant has. The store during Christmas is magical and filled with beautiful items.

JA Ramen Curry

Ja Ramen Curry is one of the best restaurants in Tucson. The Japan-themed restaurant offers various ramen meals with your choice of protein. After one bite of the ramen, you will be fascinated by the taste. Additionally, there are appetizing seafood options to choose from. Enjoy a divine meal and admire the Tokyo decor at Ja Ramen.

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