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Resume Writing Trends to Follow in 2023 to Kick-Start Your New Career


In this constantly changing job market, there is a need to become more competitive each day, and for that, it is essential to craft a resume that will help you draw the attention of the hiring managers. Landing a job has become more difficult these days, so it's worth taking into consideration the suggested tips by the professionals offering Resume writing services in India. Regardless of your objective- applying for a job, changing careers, or staying abreast with the resume trends so that you get a competitive advantage against others, it is worth having a note of the resume trends that will be helping you significantly in 2023. Gain an edge over other job seekers with a resume reflecting the latest resume writing styles.

Trends to follow for staying ahead of the competitors

  • Industry-Fit Resume

Free online resume templates shouldn’t fool you. What you must keep in mind is that Generic resume patterns and formats jeopardize your chances of landing the job. So be mindful of the quality and standards that your resume holds as that will be essential to leave a huge impact on potential employers; tailor your resume and cover letter to the target job. Ensure that when you are crafting a resume, it holds the format and layout complementing your selling points and highlights the features of your application.

  • Resume Length

Besides the resume format, recruiters and hiring managers consider the length as an essential factor worth considering when making a choice of the ideal candidate. Gone are the days when the logic “the longer a resume, the better” used to work. The standard length is one page, and the preference the hiring managers give to a 2-page resume is when the candidate has good experience as well as a set of qualifications. But you needn’t worry much in case you think that the resume will exceed two pages as sometimes there is a necessity to present a detailed overview regarding the years of relevant work experience and related achievements. But be smart enough to list the achievements, as the point is that hiring managers prefer concise resumes.

  • Resume Format

Job seekers should use the chronological resume format, as that tends to be the most widely known. But the point you shouldn’t forget even after that is that you consider your qualifications and the job as a candidate you're applying for. In case you are looking for a career change or applying for a job as a fresh graduate, consider using other formats, such as functional or targeted resumes. So, there are enough reasons why you need the right resume format for the current situation to help you gain the interest of hiring managers. Also, another point that you can't miss out on is translating your resume to skills-based, as that’s very advantageous in this new decade, as these days employers value skills over any other criterion.

  • Job Search Engines

Transactions these days are mostly done online, including job hunting. An integral part of the resume trends for 2023 is that if you want to land a job easily, widen your network. So, if you want to land a good job position, it's mandatory to post your resume or CV on the best job search engines. The point you shouldn’t forget while applying for the job is that the recruiters search for profiles before posting a job and so it would be highly beneficial if you would choose to keep the tool available on different platforms, helping them notice you.

  • Readable Design

This is one of the most overlooked resume trends but the factor is a mandatory consideration when it comes to writing a resume. The reader notices the layout prior to scanning the entire document. In addition, you shouldn’t overlook this factor because it serves as the basis of the hiring manager whether to read it further or not. But what's advisable while crafting a resume is that you shouldn’t pack content in multi-lined paragraphs with little white space in between. Ensure that you are being careful enough to leave some white spaces in to make the text visually pleasing and appealing. Avoid using fancy designs and unreadable fonts.

  • ATS-Ready Resume

Crafting a resume works on a very strict rule and that is that the employers seek candidates who think they can succeed in the firm. However, note that employers, as well as hiring managers, are too busy to scan every document, and in this regard, a candidate must keep in mind that recruiters and hiring managers pay attention to resumes that attract them. So, when you are crafting one for yourself, ensure that the resume is capable enough of beating the ATS.

Final words

When it's mandatory to follow so many trends, there are high chances that you might miss on following one of the trends that will be responsible for not giving the much-needed competitive advantage. So consider hiring the professionals offering LinkedIn profile writing services in India who will serve as an experienced team of professionals for taking this year’s resume trends into account. So, it will definitely be easier for you to land a job without having to waste time planning how to create the best resume for yourself.

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