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    Prime Music vs Spotify: Making The Right Choice

    Prime Music vs Spotify: Making The Right ChoicePhoto byUnplash

    Whether you’re trying to mute the train noise while traveling or jamming with your friends over some memories and drinks, music is an integral part of it. Now, the number of streaming services available definitely creates confusion and Amazon Music versus Spotify is the most popular debate that comes to mind. Let’s help you pick your partner so you can just focus on the music and drown out the noise around.

    Music Variety And Sound Quality

    Amazon Music and Spotify are big streaming platforms that have over 100 million songs from global artists. They use the algorithms to offer you a personalized listening experience and cater to individuals' preferences in terms of music, artists, and languages. When you’re clueless about what to listen to, just put My Soundtrack or Daily Mix on and you should be good.

    With little to no buffering time, Spotify offers a description of the artist along with features like a share option. Amazon Music offers the same along with song lyrics and a unique feature called X-Ray through which you get to know interesting trivia about the song or the artist. If you’re someone who doesn’t like sudden loud noise while listening to music on Shuffle, Amazon Music has a Loudness Normalization feature to eliminate those surprises.

    Both apps are mainly used for music and being able to enjoy the sound on good quality is an important aspect of that experience. Each of the platforms has five music audio settings for you to select from. The features work over Wi-Fi and mobile data and can be used for desktop and mobile devices. In terms of offering an immersive experience, Amazon Music is slightly better than Spotify because of its high-quality sound.

    User Interface And Special Features

    Most people are drawn to any streaming platform because of its user interface. Amazon Music is designed in a way that makes it easy to navigate and picks up data to customize your homepage accordingly. Spotify has a similar interface and is pretty easy to navigate. The cool-toned gray colors are pleasing to the eyes, making it fun to use.

    Both the apps have car mode to make your drives memorable. A cool thing about Amazon Music is their unlimited offline downloads without additional charges. So even if you’re planning to go somewhere without the Internet, your songs can still accompany you. 

    If we move away from music for a second, the content variety is great on both platforms. These are also among the most interesting podcast apps out there. On Amazon Music, you can enjoy over 15 million podcast episodes which includes a range of original and exclusive podcasts. If we talk about podcasts on Spotify, you’ll need to buy Spotify Premium to enjoy the majority of them.

    Pricing And Device Compatibility

    Money is a big deciding factor for the majority and this can help you settle down this debate. For Amazon Music, you don’t have to pay separately to use this streaming service. It’s offered as a bundle of services by Amazon Prime, which also includes Prime Video and Amazon Shopping. Here, you get 3 completely different services by paying for Amazon Prime which sorts your shopping, bingeing, and music. The subscription plans for Amazon Prime are:

    Monthly Prime: INR 299

    Quarterly Prime: INR 599

    Annual Prime: INR 1499

    Amazon Music blends perfectly into the overall Amazon ecosystem and supports Alexa-enable devices. You can easily play songs with your voice command and be completely hands-free.

    On the other hand, Spotify is free but it has various limitations like being unable to use Shuffle, playing songs in order, or being able to seek, and let’s not forget about the multiple ads. If you want to enjoy the platform with all the perks, you’ll have to buy Spotify Premium. It has multiple subscription models, starting as low as INR 7 per day, for a single account. Here are the other models:

    Individual: INR 119 per month, single account

    Duo: INR 149 per month, two accounts

    Family: INR 179 per month, up to six accounts

    Spotify is compatible with multiple devices and third-party apps such as Google Voice Assistant, Siri, and even Alexa.

    Summing Up

    The verdict of the Prime Music vs Spotify debate boils down to what suits you better. Now that you have all the information to make the choice, go ahead, and try for yourself. Decide which streaming platform will be your musical partner and let your buddies know.

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