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Exploring the Types of Shoes to Wear When Going for a Hiking Expedition

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While getting ready for your hiking expedition, you must know the best shoes to wear before hitting the hiking trails. Irrespective of whether you are a hiking aficionado or a newbie hiker, you must realize the importance of wearing the perfect shoes and clothes for your hiking adventure. You must determine the type and timing of the hiking expedition. Are you doing it in the winter or the summertime? Are you going just for a short trail or is it going to be quite a long one? Find out the kind of environment you will experience on the hiking grounds. It is crucial to wear the perfect hiking shoes and choose a pair that fits perfectly.

It is pivotal to get your feet measured by a professional using the Brannock Device or the usual steel slide things for measuring your feet. Once you know your perfect size, you may go ahead shopping online. According to WebMD, you may remember that as you grow old, your arches may fall. Moreover, due to weight and gravity, your ligaments may get stretched. As such, your feet can become wider or longer. It is a good idea to get your feet sized before shopping.

What Shoes to Wear While Hiking?

The best shoes for hiking are those that make your feet feel cozy and comfortable. Most people prefer purpose-built hiking shoes or hiking boots since they provide a fabulous mix of traction, durability, foot protection, and ample ankle support. However, some hikers may prefer wearing trail running shoes since they seem lighter, breathable, comfy, and far more sensitive underfoot. Let us discuss different shoes you may wear to your hiking adventure depending on your adventure requirements and individual preferences.

Characteristics to Look for in Your Hiking Shoes & Boots

  • Traction: High-quality hiking shoes or boots should provide impressive traction on rocky and muddy terrain. It usually implies that boots should have sticky rubber soles featuring deep lug holes for ensuring extra grip on different surfaces.
  • Longevity: You may choose robust long-lasting shoes for hiking so that shoes do not get torn or damaged while scraping against debris and rocks.
  • Ankle Support: Most experts recommend hiking boots or shoes providing extra ankle support. You may choose medium to high top boots. Alternatively, you can buy low-cut shoes if you like.

Ultimate Feet Protection: Choose boots or shoes that provide ultimate foot protection while walking. This may include toe caps and tough rands to safeguard your toes from getting hurt or crushed against rocks and boulders. Moreover, hiking shoes should have waterproofing for keeping your feet nice or dry. Choose the best quality hiking shoes from Mason Brothers Footwear & Apparel of Danville. Follow the map below.

Types of Hiking Shoes You May Choose

Hiking Shoes: Hiking shoes are actually, low-cut shoes with highly-flexible midsoles. They are best for day hiking or short trails. These shoes are almost the same as hiking boots in terms of durability and traction. However, hiking shoes are not as rugged or tall. These shoes are more versatile, comfortable, and lightweight than hiking boots.

Hiking Boots: You may invest in day hiking boots that range from medium to high-cut versions. You can use them for short backpacking trips or day hikes. They are supportive and durable shoes with stiff midsoles and are best for longer trails and even off-trail traveling purposes.


Many hikers prefer to wear trail running shoes combining the best features of running shoes and hiking shoes. Many hikers like to wear hiking sandals. However, even the best quality hiking sandals fail to protect your feet. You may wear them while enjoying a light summer walk.

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